Google Adsense Ads Now Shows The URL Of Advertiser Website On Mouse Hover

I don’t know whether it’s just me or everyone but I am observing a new update on how the Advertiser URL’s of Google Adsense ads are displayed. If you hover your mouse over an Adsense advertisement, chances are that you might know the URL of the target site, as shown in the following screenshot:


When you hover your mouse cursor over an image, the Alternate text of the image is shown (if any). This new feature of showing Adsense ad URL’s works exactly the same but the only catch here is that the URL is shown only for text ads. While ideally, it should have been exactly the opposite.

This is because users can already see the Advertiser URL when they are viewing a text ad. Typically, a text ad contains a title of the link, some description text followed by the complete URL of the target site whose ad is being shown. There are some situations when the webmaster of a site may want to block a specific Adsense advertisement, so knowing the URL of a text based ad is not at all a problem (both for the user and the webmaster of the site in question).

But think of image ads, there is no way to determine the Advertiser URL just by looking at the Adsense advertisement block


So a brief URL preview of image or rich media ads was required and Google has implemented just the opposite showing the URL preview for text based advertisements at the moment.

Important note to Adsense publishers: As far as policy guidelines go, Adsense publishers are not permitted to click their own ads for the sake of determining the URL of the advertiser. And neither you should ask anyone else to let you know the URL of a specific advertisement. If you can determine the URL by looking at the mouse hover text, that’s fine. Otherwise, leave it as it is.

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