Google Acquires For Over $100 Million is the latest addition to the long list of acquisitions made by Google in last couple of years. is a visual search and shopping tool that uses an advanced image recognition technology to offer an automated cross-matching system for clothes and accessories.

The CEO of, Manjul Shah, has confirmed the acquisition on’s home page, though no specific details have been mentioned about the future of the startup. Would Google simply use the technology to optimize its visual search? Is Google planning to enter the visual eCommerce arena? ¬†Google’s intentions in buying are still unclear but what’s obvious is that Google has been wanting to get their hands on the technology for a while now. Back in 2006, Google tried to buy Riya, the original startup by Manjul Shah that used the same technology which now fuels

The technology behind also powers some other visual shopping and fashion sites including Weardrobe, Covet and Couturious.  The rumors of acquisition first surfaced last week when TechCrunch mentioned the deal.

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