Google Acquires Global IP Solutions Holding: A VOIP Engine, For $68.2m

Google, on Tuesday announced the acquisition of VOIP solution provider Global IP Solutions Holding. The acquisition announced on Tuesday is estimated at $68.2 million.

This puts all the voice and VOIP communications provided by major IM services like Yahoo, ¬†AOL, WebEx and Lotus at Google’s mercy. Though, Google has lesser plans to put this technology in their IM. That puts these services in a safe position.

Emerick Woods, the CEO of Global IP Solutions (GIPS) remarked on this development saying,

This is an exciting milestone for GIPS as we join Google with a shared vision to transform and accelerate IP communications. With Google’s global reach, scale and widely recognized leadership, we are confident that our existing customers will continue to be fully supported while we continue to enhance and extend our products and technology at Google.

Just last month, GIPS announced that it was introducing a new technology that would allow Android app developers to integrate video and audio chat options into their products. With this acquisition, Google becomes the owner of two VOIP solution providers, the other one being Gizmo5 acquired in November last year.
(Via: ZDNet)

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