Google Acquires Angstro, another Social Networking Startup

Google continues its acquisition drive with Angstro, which is a social networking startup. Angstro has a unique feature of pulling in data from various social networks and websites like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. It was also a finalist in the Techcrunch 50. Angstro apps are specifically made for interoperability between various social networks and Google surely sees a bright future in this technology.

As more and more people join social networks, it becomes harder for them to set priorities for networks. Angstro makes managing multiple networks easier by aggregating them in a single location providing a considerable amount of functionality. The beta period of Angstro ended on the 20th of this month and it has proven to be extremely fruitful for Angstro.

Google has acquired  Jambool,  Slide: a social gaming market and Metaweb, a semantic search engine.  With these acquisitions, Google is either gathering a considerable amount of talent and technology or killing any possible uprising of competition. All these acquisitions give Google a considerable amount of entropy as they can pick any number of these acquired technologies and use it in their existing services to enhance them further.

We all are tired of seeing how Google is trying to  mimic  Bing search in visual appeal. Hopefully this acquisition will cook up something new at Google.


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