Google Acquires Invite Media: an Advertising Platform

Google acquired an ad technology startup invite media on Wednesday this week. Invite media helps buyers purchase advertising from a dashboard displaying multiple ad exchanges in real time. This technology will run side by side with Google’s existing AdX.

The startup from the University of Pennsylvania was offered a deal to Omniture last year;  thought the deal fell apart when Adobe acquired Omniture.

However, it is surprising to see how Google did not integrate its last two acquisitions (Invite Media and AdMob) into existing technologies but kept them running separately. The Official DoubleClick blog made this announcement saying,

In recent months, many agencies and advertisers have been asking us to make a bidding platform available directly to them, as they want to take advantage of the opportunities that real time bidding presents. We’re going to continue to invest significantly in improving Invite Media’s technology and products as a separate platform and, in time, make it work seamlessly with our DoubleClick for Advertisers (DFA) ad serving product. DFA enables advertisers and agencies to effectively plan, target, serve and measure display ad campaigns across the web. Integrating Invite Media’s technology will help DFA’s clients to easily buy ad space across multiple ad exchanges, as part of managing their broader display ad campaigns. Invite Media’s platform will of course continue to be available to any agency or advertiser, whether they use DFA or not.

(Sources: Peter Kafka at  AllThingsDigital and the  DoubleClick Blog)

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