Google Introduces 2-Step Verification Process for Secure Logins

Most of the web applications built today rely on user passwords to allow secure access to data. This process has been in practice for a long time, however, passwords can easily be hacked.

Google Account Settings 2-Step Verificaiton

Also at times there are vulnerabilities in websites which lead to database hacks allowing exploiters to gain access to user data, including passwords. Many banks today provide a secure login to users where users have to provide a password and a verification code which is usually sent to their mobile numbers. This form of authorization is very secure as users will only be able to login if they have the passwords and their mobile phones.

Google has today introduced a similar 2-step verification process for all the accounts where users can opt-in to securely login using their password and a secure code sent to their mobile phones.

To enable the 2-step verification with your Google account, head over to your Account Settings page and turn on the 2-step verification. The verification setup will guide you through the process and also allow you to setup backup phones so that you can login even when you have lost your current phone.

Google 2-Step Authentication

Once you have setup the 2-step verification process, you will have to first login and will then be sent a code through a message which you will have to enter before you gain access to your account.

The 2-step verification process is a really good more from Google since it will allow users to keep their data safe even when their passwords have been compromised. For users like me who rely on Google for email, contacts and more, this is something that will definitely make using Google more secure.

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