Did You Like Google +1 on Facebook?

Facebook Like is for social sharing on Facebook. You like a page on a website, Facebook puts it on your profile page and your friends on Facebook check it out (maybe not). Though, Google +1 is slightly different. It is based on your Google profile. Whenever you make a search, you get a list of results and when you “+1” one of those results, those in your social circle on Google also see those likes within their search. Is Google’s +1 any better than Facebook Like? Let us find out.
Google has been showing social results within search for a long time now, and this is a step further towards making its search product more social. The social aspect here is not related to a social network, and seemingly, the +1 has that zing (think Buzz) to it that Facebook Like lacks. People arriving from Google search will bring in more organic traffic and will have more conversions into ads. This is an advantage over Facebook Like. Google has watched and learned from the failure of Buzz and from the success of Facebook Like. The +1 feature has a potential of topping Facebook Like.

This new +1 feature is also available for ads in Google Search, giving them the benefit of social sharing too. In addition to this, it is speculated that Google will use +1 to influence the ranking of your search results. All in all ,the +1 feature will be the most used addition to Google Search this year.

Check how Google explains the new +1 feature.

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