Gmail “Undo Send” Duration Now Up to 30 Seconds

Gmail Labs

Gmail has a nifty little feature called “Undo Send” in Gmail Labs which allows you to unsend emails after you have sent them. You could unsend emails for up to 5 seconds until now, as Gmail delayed the emails for 5 seconds before it actually sent them. This gave Gmail an easy way to handle the huge email traffic flowing through its servers and also provided a nice feature to its users. It has helped me a lot of times by allowing me to unsend my emails and correct them in case there were any mistakes.

Google now allows you to dial the delay duration up to 30 seconds. You can change the “Send Cancellation Period” to 5, 10, 20 or 30 seconds by visiting Gmail > Settings > General > Undo Send.

Gmail Labs Undo Send

5 thoughts on “Gmail “Undo Send” Duration Now Up to 30 Seconds”

  1. What Gmail really needs to do is add “scheduled” sends — like when it’s midnight and you’d rather the email was just sent first thing in the morning at 9am.. Outlook has this feature, why not Gmail?

  2. This sounds like a handy feature, and convenient that it also helps with gmail’s traffic load management. In my case I usually don’t remember I need to change something until at least several minutes later. So it’s not something I will actually take advantage of.

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