Gmail To Add New Social Feature, Compete With Twitter and Facebook

Ever since Gmail launched, Google has been trying to make it much more than an email service. Wall Street Journal reports that Gmail may launch another social feature as soon as this week that will let it compete with Twitter and Facebook. This feature will allow users to view media and status update of their friends. Gmail still partially offers this feature but is nowhere close to what Facebook and Twitter offer. The new feature will reportedly add a separate module to Gmail, allowing users to view a stream of updates from their friends. It will be tightly integrated within various Google’s services like YouTube and Picasa.

Gmail currently has around 176 Million unique users compared to the 400 Million registered Facebook users. With Facebook launching a Gmail like Inbox and Gmail launching a Facebook like social feature, the competition is heating up. No matter what it means for Facebook or Google, it will definitely be good for the users as they will have plenty of options for all their social needs.

Some analysts also suggest that Google would be better off buying Twitter and integrating it within its stream of web services. The rumors for a Google-Twitter deal have come up many times in the past but never materialized. Do you think Google would be better buying off Twitter?

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