Gmail Now Displays "Did you mean" Suggestions for Search

If you are a Google Search user, you might be very well aware of a feature called "Did you mean", using which Google shows you suggestions for the search you typed in if you have made a spelling mistake while typing the keywords.

Gmail Did you mean in Search

has had a "Did you mean" feature for Names and email you type, however, it looks they are now expanding this feature to searches in Gmail too. For example, I typed "sugar sync" today while searching for something in my Inbox. As you can see from the screenshot above, Google also display a "Did you mean" suggestion for it.

This feature is definitely interesting and I tried it out with multiple keywords to find the "Did you mean" suggestions displayed to me. It was helpful because it allowed me to quickly suggest proper keywords to me while I was searching my emails.

Are you seeing similar "Did you mean" suggestions while searching your inbox? Do let me know through your comments.

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