Gmail Gets Rich Text Signatures.. Finally!!!

Gmail is one of the best webmail solutions available today, and it has been adding tons of features through and other means. However, one of the most wanted thing missing in Gmail was Rich Text or HTML Signatures which would allowed users to add HTML text or images to their email signatures.

Gmail Rich Text/HTML Signature

If you have been missing that feature, here is something to cheer about. Gmail has officially announced that users will be able to add Rich Text/HTML Signatures to their outgoing messages. To change your Gmail signature to use Rich Text, just visit the settings page and scroll down till you see the Signature option.

You can use the Rich text editor to insert images, hyperlinks, quotes and also format it to your liking. Once you have set your new signature just save your settings and the signature will be appended to your outgoing emails. You can also set different signatures for different accounts you have set up with Gmail.

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  • This is really nice feature added by Gmail team
    Earlier I used to use Wisestamp which is a great addon for the same. Though I believe using diferent signature for multiple account is going to be super handy for many.
    Have you used Wisestamp? Which one you would suggest/ WiseStamp or this official Gmail signature?

    • WiseStamp has more bells and whistles, but it is browser dependent. Whereas this solution works on all browsers, always!

  • My Rich text is gone. I did have it in both Chrome and IE8, but now, for no apparent reason, I only have plain text.

    At the same time, I am unable to forward images now. They show fine in my emails I receive, but when I ‘Forward’ them, I only get the red x box, i.e. no pictures.

    I’m guessing these two issues are related.

    BTW, I know how to NORMALLY elect rich text vs. plain text. This is not a new user issue. The only option at Settings > Signature is ‘Plain Text’. Actually it’s not an ‘option’ per se, that’s just what shows there. The only other option is ‘No Signature’.

    Any ideas?

    I use Windows 7 (64-bit) and this issue is in both IE8 and Chrome.



  • I learned how to fix the loss of Rich Texting on my signature file at Gmail and how to return to the ability to ‘Forward’ images.

    Switch the Email Composer to Rich Formatting, instead of Plain Text.
    1. Click compose mail
    2. Click on “Rich formatting” (under Subject and just over the message textbox)
    3. Go back to settings (no actual message has to be created, this is just to change that setting).

    The credit goes to this site:

    Thought everyone would like to know!


  • Is there a way to view the source like in WordPress?