Google Adds File Transfer to Orkut and iGoogle Chat, Arriving Soon on GMail Google Chat

Sending files to friends just got easier with chat on iGoogle and Orkut. Google has added a nifty feature in Google Chat on iGoogle and Orkut which allows users to send files to friends, just like in the GTalk chat client.
As seen in this image from the Orkut Blog, to use this feature, all you need to do to send a file is go to Actions -> Send a File and select the file. Similarly, to receive a file, confirm the reception and there you go.

Earlier, there were only two options to send files while chatting. One, was to use the GTalk chat client and secondly, we could email the file. This method of file transfer allows for a much close integration with the native Google chat.

The post on the official Orkut blog has given confirmed reports that this feature will appear on GMail soon.  It is a surprise to see this basic feature appear only after advanced features like video chat. Though, as the saying goes, better late than never.

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