Gmail Ninja Tips : New Gmail Feature

Gmail has started displaying these Ninja tips for Email which offers help and suggestion depending on the volume of mail you received yesterday. The link to the tips page can be found at the right hand top-corner of your screen.

The idea is simple. You need to be productive with Gmail. Gmail has a couple of profiles of productivity enhancer shortcuts and quick tips. Chose the category you would rate yourself as and get your tips.

All these different modes have suggestions for effective usage of filters, search queries, sorting and labelling of mail. The White Belt mode gives a basic idea of labels, queries and themes, whereas the Gmail Master mode explains creating filters, setup of Google Apps, managing chats and integration of Gmail with other Google services.

Gmail is the most popular email client and has changed the way we use email. It has continued to provide excellent services from its labs and this new tip feature comes in   handy for those migrating from other mail services.

This new feature will help beginners get an insight into using Gmail in a better way, never to lose that mail and lookup and search through mail much faster. The guide is available as an on site guide as well as a printable guide. Become a Gmail Ninja today.

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Chinmoy Kanjilal

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