Gmail Labs Brings Background Send, Now Send an Email While Reading Other Mail Conversations

Gmail has continued innovation this year with the launch of Smart Labels. Another new nifty feature has come to Gmail that allows us to send emails in the background, without blocking the user interface while sending it.

The new feature here is called Background Send and it does exactly what it sounds like. With Background Send, you can click on send and expect to move around your mailbox seamlessly. This will not be interrupted by the sending process, that is taking place in the background. Clearly, you can send multiple emails in parallel without any of them being interrupted.

The feature will require browsers with fast and fail-proof JavaScript rendering. As the feature works in th background and the process of sending an email is not as intensive and simultaneously frequent as, say tweeting, the performance/speed difference will not be evident at first.

How to Enable Background Send in Gmail?


To enable background send, go to Gmail -> Settings -> Mail Settings on the top right hand corner. Out there, go to the Labs tab and look for  Background Send. Click on the Enable radio and you are all set to use Background Send.

Gmail has taken over all our email needs, and innovations like these are extremely important to keep competition at bay.

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