Gmail Introduces Drag-and-Drop To Save Attachments

What makes Gmail so powerful is the simplicity and usability of features, no matter how small they are. Recently added to the list is the drag-and-drop feature to save attachments from your Gmail to your desktop. Instead of clicking on Download, each time you want to save an attachment, just drag and drop it to its destination folder.

Gmail already allows users to drag-and-drop files in to their Gmail to add as attachments, a feature that saves a lot of time when you have to attach multiple files to an email. While the feature is not a game changing one, it definitely is a re-assurance that Gmail is working hard to give more power and  efficiency  to the users.

On the other hand, Hotmail has been trying to hard to win over some hearts by rolling out a set of new features and new looks to its 350 Million users world wide. There are definitely some features that make Hotmail slightly better now bur are they good enough to make Hotmail stand up against Gmail, what do you think?

3 thoughts on “Gmail Introduces Drag-and-Drop To Save Attachments”

  1. Darrin,

    For me it does drag out the file and save it to the destination folder, not sure why you have a different experience.

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