Happy 7th Birthday Gmail

was launched on April 1, 2004 by Google. Many people took Gmail as a April fool prank from Google considering the date it was launched on. However, Gmail was for real and it went on to become a huge success for Google.

Gmail 7th Birthday

Gmail went viral because of the invite only option it had. In fact, I received a Gmail invite from my friend too. The invite only access to Gmail was later on dropped in 2007. Currently Gmail has approximately 200 million users and is one of the most popular email service after Windows Live Hotmail and Yahoo.

Today is Gmail’s celebrates it’s 7th birthday and is better than ever before. There have been so many new features rolled out to users using and more.

Google also later on launched Google Apps which has Gmail, and other Google products among other things. I have been a big fan of Gmail and love the web interface. Just wanted to take some time out and wish Gmail a Very Happy 7th Birthday.

2 thoughts on “Happy 7th Birthday Gmail”

  1. Gmail also introduced Gmail motion recently. I haven’t tried it out personally, but the prospect seems interesting. This is one cool innovation from Google!

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