Gizmo5 acquired by Google for Google Voice

Gizmo 5 (Gizmo Project, SIPphone) has become yet another one of those independent IM and VoIP communications networks that has been acquired by Google Voice to expand on its work. Though there were several offshoots of this project such as mobile Gizmo5 (as you can see from this cached copy of their old website ), most of these might be replaced by Google’s apps in due time.

Existing users can still access Gizmo5 services and products, but new user signup has been blocked for now. There is still no word on the new features. An integration with Google Talk is highly anticipated!

productFrom the blogpost:-

While we don’t have any specific features to announce right now, Gizmo5’s engineers will be joining the Google Voice team to continue improving the Google Voice and Gizmo5 experience

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