Simple Presentation on Getting Started with Google+

It’s exactly one month since Google Plus was introduced on a field trial basis. Until today, 10 million users have joined Google Plus and many users are signing up every day, which proves that Google Plus is here to stay.

Google Plus looks pretty similar to other social sites such as Facebook or Twitter but have some unique features and better privacy settings. There are no walls in Plus and neither there is a separate inbox folder where you can send or receive private messages. Communicating with Google Plus friends is a completely new experience so before you sign up for Google Plus, we suggest you to read our step by step guides: Google Plus for dummies and getting started with Google Plus

As I said, Google Plus has introduced a completely new way to sort friends and contacts into different groups called Circles. A single person can be present in one or more circles and you can customize the visibility of a post by sharing it with specific circles of your choice. For the past couple of weeks, I have heard a lot of questions from my non-geeky friends about the different features of Google Plus and how to get the hang of it.

What is this circle thing in Google Plus and why do I need to create one? I would share everything with everyone, that’s how it works right?

How do I write something on my friends profile? Today is her birthday but I can’t find a way to write a message on her wall, poke her or throw her a virtual birthday gift.

I am sure newbies have a lot of similar questions, which should be answered by this presentation that follows.

The Google Plus Experience Explained through Photos

One Google Plus user has created an awesome presentation, explaining the basic concepts of Google Plus using Photos. The presentation contains 49 photos, arranged sequentially to give you a basic run down of how things work in Google Plus.


Here is the link of the photo album – (clicking the first photo will start   the slideshow in full screen mode). Once you have started the slideshow, use the left and right arrow keys on your keyboard to browse through the presentation.

So if you have a friend who keeps asking you about Google Plus, circles and hangouts, ask him to see this presentation and get his doubts cleared. We thought it would be a nice idea to create a video screencast of the above presentation. The video is embedded below:

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