Get Your Zip On with Today’s Google Doodle

When you do a Google search today, not only can you click buttons, but you can also play with a screen sized zipper! Google is honoring the inventor of the zipper, Gideon Sundback, with a special Google Doodle.


The doodle sports a nifty design. The Google lettering looks embroidered and there is a large interactive zipper going down the middle of the page. You drag the zipper down and it will take you to information about the inventor.

Courtesy of WikiMedia

Now to be fair, Sundback didn’t actually invent the concept of the zipper, however, he perfected previous work and is now considered the father of modern day zippers we use. Oddly enough, Sundback was an electrical engineer by trade. He was born in Sweden and studied engineering in Germany.  He emigrated to the U.S. in 1905.  He began his career at the famous Westinghouse but a year later took a job at Universal Fastener Company. From there he began working on perfecting the “separable fastener”. Pictured below, you can see part of the drawing he made for his patent.

Courtesy Wikimedia

Another interesting tidbit to note, is that Sundback didn’t call it a zipper. That term came about from B.F. Goodrich when they used his “separable fastener” in their boots. Another interesting fact to note is that zippers were not the common place for clothes. They were originally used in boots and tobacco pouches. The fashion industry didn’t catch on until around World War II.

So today, when you find yourself with that overwhelming urge to go to the privy in a hurry, you can thank Mr. Sundback for making things just a little bit easier. Which makes me wonder; did he ever consider making an electric one?

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