Get 50GB Online Storage Space Free

Sometime back I had talked about some of the best free online storage websites which provided you with storage space from 1GB up to 25GB for free. I came across another such service called ADrive which beats all of the free online storage websites in disk space provided.

ADrive provides users with 50GB online storage space absolutely FREE. Recently ADrive launched a new uploader which will allow you to upload complete folders to the website. Now you will not have to waste time uploading single files.

adrive-logoADrive Features

  • Upload folders using their online uploading tool.
  • Individual file size upload limit of 2GB.
  • Supports any file types including media, documents and more.
  • Access your files from any where using a web browser.
  • User accounts never expire.
  • Easily share your files with friends.

ADrive currently only supports Internet Explorer and Firefox browsers. You will also have to have Java enabled on your browser in order to be able to upload files.

My 2 Cents

Definitely beats the rest of the crowd with the amount of space it is giving away for free. Usability wise the upload folders feature definitely rocks. Other than that other free storage sites do provide better options such as desktop tools to upload files.

Once ADrive starts providing a desktop tool it will be a absolute must use service. If you are looking for more space then I would definitely ask you to sign up now and take advantage of the 50GB free space.

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