GeoHotz Publishes PS3 Hack/Exploit

A few days after George came out with the fact that he had hacked into the read/write memory of the PS3, he has decided to release exploit and let it run wild, most likely because he hit a dead end. This was the same guy who triggered a flurry of jailbreaking software.

In the interest of openness, I’ve decided to release the exploit. Hopefully, this will ignite the PS3 scene, and you will organize and figure out how to use this to do practical things, like the iPhone when jailbreaks were first released. I have a life to get back to and can’t keep working on this all day and night.

Well, while many might actually say that it was not right for him to release the exploit, it also gives Sony a chance to look at the exploit and patch their system. After all, they have kept it secure for over 3 years, and this will be a challenge to patch and keep it safer for the next few years too.

To download the exploit and learn more about it (too technical for non-geeks) visit this blog post by George.

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