Mugen Wants To Make Your Galaxy Note 2 Last A Lifetime; Releases A 6400mAh Extended Battery!

The Galaxy Note 2 may have a mammoth 5.5-inch Super-AMOLED HD screen, but it is also backed by a beefy 3100mAh battery, which can easily power this hybrid device for more than a day under extremely heavy usage.

However, if you were still not pleased with the battery life of your Note 2 and still craved for more, don’t worry, Mugen Batteries have covered you. Mugen is known for providing some excellent high-capacity batteries for all popular devices out there, in various shapes and capacities.

The company has now released a gigantic 6400mAh extended battery for the Galaxy Note 2, for people who want their phablet to last a lifetime. However, all this comes at a cost of an extremely thick Note 2, which can definitely make the device less pocketable. The 6400mAh battery is accompanied by a new battery door so as to accommodate the extra thickness, and also includes a kickstand to make watching videos on the Note 2 a pleasure.

The battery is currently up for pre-order and will ship on 21st December, and costs just below the $100 mark with free international shipping.

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Rajesh Pandey

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