Fusion Garage Grid 10: JooJoo 2?

Fusion Garage, the company behind the controversial JooJoo tablet, or should I say the CrunchPad, is back with another tablet. The guys at Liliputing discovered a new listing for a device on the FCC website, by Fusion Garage. From the name and the design, it seems to be a 10 inch tablet. No other details are known yet, except that it might be codenamed the Grid 10.

Fusion Garage Grid 10

The CrunchPad was Michael Arrington’s pet project, and seemed quite promising when it was first announced. Of course, the iPad hadn’t been launched then, so it had a good chance of being one of the very first tablets. However, things went bad between Techcrunch and Fusion Garage, the company which was developing the CrunchPad, and after some very public mudslinging, they broke up.

Soon after that, Fusion Garage launched the JooJoo tablet. But by then, Apple had already announced the iPad, and we all know what happened next. The iPad created the entire tablet market, and continues to dominate it even now. The JooJoo, which was a tablet version of what we now know as Google’s Chromebook, with just a browser, died a silent death.

Rumors suggest that Android Honeycomb may power the new tablet by Fusion Garage. If that is true, I am willing to wager that it will be a huge failure again. If the Grid 10 is just another Android Honeycomb tablet, there is no plausible way in which Fusion Garage can beat biggies like Samsung, HTC or Motorola.

For now, let’s wait and watch.

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