FTC Calls Out Apple For Google Being Default Service On iOS

In the US, Google is being investigated by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) on anti-trust charges. There’s a lot being said against Google and the company is being even considered as a monopoly. The company’s policies regarding user privacy, social and advertising have raised concerns. The FTC investigations are focusing on Google’s advertising pricing and search ranking favoritism.

In an update on the FTC investigations, Bloomberg’s Sara Forden and Jeff Bliss are reporting that Apple has been subpoenaed by the FTC for having Google as the default service for iOS features. Google and Apple have had a strained relation since the launch of Android and Apple is trying to reduce their reliance on Google. Back in 2010, Apple added Bing as a search engine option in Safari and much recently, during the launch of the new iPad, the company made its intentions clear when they showed OpenStreetMaps integration in iPhoto for iOS.

It may be possible that Apple saw the FTC investigation coming and this was a reason for switching to OpenStreetMaps. Or it is spite. Or economy.

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