French Filmmakers to Get Royalty from Youtube

Screenwriters and filmmakers from the  Société des Auteurs et Compositeurs Dramatiques (SACD), Société Civile des Auteurs Multimedia, and the Société des auteurs dans les arts graphiques et plastiques in France will now get a royalty fee from YouTube.

Earlier this year, Google entered into another deal with the French music industry represented by the SACEM. Apparently, the French take their music and movies quite seriously. The agreement will be valid only when their videos come up when viewed from France, Belgium and Luxembourg. This includes all videos updated over a period of the last four years from 2007 and the deal ends in 2013.

A large part of the payment that YouTube pays will be received directly by the royalty society. In return, YouTube will have the permission to host the videos. Payments will be based on the number of views the videos get.

YouTube has been in trouble constantly for hosting video content that were claimed for copyright. On some instances, Google even had to block videos in some countries.  SACD director general Pascal Rogard has made an extremely optimistic comment on this saying,

This is a happy moment after nearly 10 years of misunderstanding. It shows that there is a middle ground between protecting authors’ rights and making [content] available online.


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