Free, a French ISP Launches a Cellular Service with Free Calls

When it comes to Internet usage, France features among the top ten countries with over 80% of its population going online. This makes it a prospective market for online businesses and the French ISP Free knows this fact better than anyone else does.

Until now, you have heard of mobile networks providing internet access to their users through their already established communication channel. However, Free is taking the opposite path. Free is primarily an ISP, but going further, it will also provide cellular services to its users.

The mobile network offered by Free uses 3G and offers up to 3GB of Internet data at 3G speed. Additionally, free voice calls fill up the gap making Free’s 3-year old dream of launching a successful mobile network come true. With the launch of its cheap affordable network, Free might spark a revision in current mobile and data usage prices across Europe.

PCWorld Australia has this to say about this new service from Free:

Free has no operations in other European countries, but if its business model is a success, it could shake up pricing across Europe by providing a benchmark for regulators and setting an example for new market entrants elsewhere.

Feature offered in Free’s unlimited plan are,

  • Unlimited calls to landlines and / or mobile 40 destinations
    (Including metropolitan France)
  • SMS / MMS Unlimited
  • Unlimited access FreeWiFi
  • 3G Internet up to 3GB
    (Reduced flow beyond)

The physical network setup of Free is not complete yet, and subscribers might go on roaming on Orange, at times. However, this is a revolutionary idea and will encourage other ISPs to enter the cellular-network space.

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