Foursquare Going Beyond Check-ins, Aims To Replace Yelp & The Likes

I love Foursquare. be it checking into a place and sharing it on Facebook or be it the competition to be a mayor—it’s simply fun to tag where I was. Foursquare is also one of the poster-boys of successful web-startups. What makes Foursquare a lot more interesting is that it isn’t from the Valley but from New York City, the city is trying to attract startups; Facebook recently opened a major engineering center too.

Not long ago, Foursquare introduced a feature called Foursquare Explore to their mobile applications for users to find places they can visit around their current location. Categorized locations according to activities have been quite handy—from finding Indian restaurants to hookah bars—you can get useful suggestions. The feature was available only via the phone apps until Foursquare added it to their website. Their intentions were clear—Foursquare was expanding. No more just a casual app limited to tech enthusiasts with smart phones, Foursquare was gunning for services like Yelp, AroundMe etc. Foursquare is leveraging their self-populating database of photographs, tips and categorized locations, to give users better options. Then there are specials for loyal & new customers!

With Foursquare Explore for the web, the company is also offering restaurant menus on the website. (For example.) AboutFoursquare is reporting that the feature is now available in Foursquare’s Android app, iOS should follow soon. For a company that was being considered as a victim of Facebook Places, beat Facebook and is ready to take-down some major players in location services. A new swanky office, a product constantly evolving for the better, Dennis Crowley and Naveen Selvadurai are kicking ass!

via About Foursquare (Restaurant Menus) & (Menus in Android app)

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