Fortune Releases New Kindle-exclusive eBook on the Rise of Steve Jobs

Last year, it was revealed that an authorized Steve Jobs biography would be released. Yesterday, Fortune magazine released “All About Steve: The Story of Steve Jobs and Apple from the page of Fortune”. It is an eBook that is available exclusively from Amazon’s Kindle store.

Fortune Steve Jobs bio

In addition, the eBook can also be read on an iPhone or iPad using Amazon’s Kindle application. The eBook contains 17 stories spanning thirty years of reporting on Steve Jobs, who  Fortune  named CEO of the decade in 2009. The stories are compiled from reporting  by the magazine’s editors and reporters. They offer an in-depth  look at how Jobs helped Apple change the computing industry.

The book lays out the history of  Apple from its entry as a PC market leader to the creation of the iPod, iTunes, iPhone and the Apple Store. Also, the book offers highlights from  an exclusive interview with Jobs from 2008, as well as Bill Gates and Jobs’ conversation with Fortune from 1991 on the future of computing.

Fortune Managing Editor Andy Serwer describes the book as a  a “singular journalistic collection” of stories that offer a comprehensive picture of Jobs and his impact on Apple.

The eBook is available for download on the Kindle Store for $10.99.

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