Former HP CEO Mark Hurd May Join Oracle as No. 2

HP CEO Mark Hurd who is widely accredited for turning around the fortunes of HP in last decade was forced to resign from his post last month following some sexual  harassment  allegations. As events unrolled, it seemed that one of the strongest voices to speak in favor of Mark Hurd was that of Oracle CEO Lawrence Ellison who suggested that HP’s board made a wrong move.

Now, it seems like Oracle’s soft spot for Mark Hurd has  strengthened  since the two are in conversation to bring in Mark Hurd at an executive position. Even though it is not 100% confirmed what role Mark hurd would be offered, there is a great chance that he would act as No. 2 reporting directly to Lawrence Ellison. The circumstances are proving to be quite generous for Mark Hurd who will get back into business so soon, but several media outlets and analysts are bashing Oracle for this decision claiming this will demonstrate Oracle’s willingness to accept people who have compromised over work ethics.

The decision now lies with Oracle’s board of directors who will meet within next few days to make a decision. During Hurd’s tenure as CEO, HP surpassed IBM as the number one technology company with annual revenues jumping to $110 Billion from $80 Billion previously.

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