Letter From a Stranded Google China User Who Is A Foreigner And Wants Google In English

Google recently shut down their operations in China by redirecting Google.cn to Google.com.hk, however, that is not the only restriction they have put in place. Google is also redirecting all the Google.com and Google.com/ncr, which provides global access to Google sites in English, irrespective of location when it is accessed from anywhere including China.

One of our readers had several problems when accessing Google from China, even when the person tried accessing the global site. Here is what the unidentified commentator had to say:

I am a foreigner stationed in China. For all these years I had happily been able to use search at Google.com (NOT .cn) – as it had never been banned/censored in China. There had always been an option "Google in English" which was linked to Google.com, and voila – you were out of restricted area.

Not any more. From today I am being forcefully redirected to google.com.hk which I don’t want to use.

Trying to get through to http://www.google.com/ncr does not help: I am turned back to .hk.

Not that is is better or worse, I just DO NOT WANT TO BE REDIRECTED ANYWHERE.

Guys at Google now did exactly what the Chinese authorities didn’t: removed my freedom to search for the information where I choose to.

Such a disgrace.

The Google withdrawal may have led so many people who rely on the search engine to be delivered in English/their language without restriction to now actually just be redirected to a Chinese site which they may not understand.

Did Google even estimate or think or providing an option for users to actually switch their languages to English, or can we expect hundreds of thousands of users to switch to Yahoo, who are one of the biggest successes in China?

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  • auteny


    if you want to go to http://www.google.com instead of http://www.google.com.hk
    just search for the ip-address of http://www.google.com (, paste it into your browser ad-bar and press enter

    it's just basic internet101

    no need to complain

  • The man who wrote to you is really a stupid man. He said that "Google now did exactly what the Chinese authorities didn’t: removed my freedom to search for the information where I choose to", but it's not true at all.

    The results are no longer be censored by Chinese government, so he should have much more results when he does the search. Does he hate the redirection? Well, as he said he used to redirect himself to google.com.cn/ncr before. Can't he use Google in English language anymore? I don't think so coz he completely could change the language to English by clicking the link on google.com.hk. And the last thing: if he doesn't want to use google.com.hk, there're many ways to choose google.com as the default page/search engine. He can't do this just because he's so stupid, I think.

  • SwitchBackToYahoo

    Search from does not work. The search will be redirected to .hk anyway. I do not have problem with .hk site but it cannot reliably accessed. I have not been able to search web pages for two days (it happened before but not for so long), although images.google.com.hk works well. I am not sure what happened.