Facebook, Twitter Come Out Against Google’s "Search Plus Your World"

Google has been ramping up its operations with , the social networking they created to rival . However, of late Google has been trying to introduce a lot of changes to their search results by integrating it with Google+.

Most recently, Google started personalizing Google search results based on recommendations from your Google+ circles. The new introduction is called "Search Plus Your World" and allows users to get answers from search results as well as people who you are connected to on Google+.

This introduction did not sit down with rival social networking sites like Facebook and who think that it is an unfair advantage for Google to push their own social networking over others. During a recent interview by John Battelle, Facebook’s director Blake Ross said that they had come up with a hack to take back Google to it’s old roots of "Don’t be evil". The hack was created by engineers at Facebook, Twitter and MySpace.

How much better would social search be if Google surfaced results from all across the web? The results speak for themselves. We created a tool that uses Google’s own relevance measure—the ranking of their organic search results—to determine what social content should appear in the areas where Google+ results are currently hardcoded.

All of the information in this demo comes from Google itself, and all of the ranking decisions are made by Google’s own algorithms. No other services or APIs are accessed.

The tiny hack or bookmarklet which can be found on the website Focus on the user allows users to switch back to a "more relevant Google" without all the Google+ integrations. It searches all the social web to find relevant results for the users rather than the recent changes in Google search which just focused on getting information from Google+.

Google Search Results Regular

The bookmarklet in itself does not change Google’s search results and you will have to manually click on the bookmarklet to see the results generated by them. The screenshot above shows the normal search results which focus heavily on Google+. The one below shows the changes made by the "don’t be evil" bookmarklet where it focuses on other sites like Twitter and Facebook as well.

Don't be Evil Search Fix

Facebook and Twitter might be driving a point to Google here asking them to stop being selfish and pushing their own social network when other networks are updated more frequently. The argument from "Focus On The User" is that, Google pushes their own network which hasn’t been updated for past two months, whereas hiding Twitter and Facebook which have been updated more frequently for users.

So is this Google monopoly? Well, it could be and it could not be. Every social networking dictates their own policies and it is difficult to say what is right or what it wrong. It will be interesting to see whether Google makes any changes to their search results or whether they will stay adamant and continue to ignore other social networking sites. The battle has just begun, we’ll be here to tell you more as it happens.

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