FluMotion Offers webM Based Live Streaming

Barely a week ago, Google unveiled the new open audio-video platform dubbed webM. Since, then we have seen a flurry of activities surrounding webM. Opera integrated webM into its main trunk, Firefox is supporting it in their nightly builds, Google has released a Chromium build with webM and earlier today VLC became one of the first webM compatible media players. Now, the Barcelona based Flumotion is pushing their in-house webM powered live http streaming technology.


We are certain to have been the first to offer live HTTP streaming in WebM only 48 hours after the announcement, claimed Thomas Vander Stichele, CTO of Flumotion. In fact, Flumotion reacted with immense speed and offered their solution just 48 hours after webM was announced.

The fast integration of WebM proves once again the flexibility of our technology and the expertise of our development team, remarked Jean Noel Saunier, CEO and Co-founder of Flumotion. He added, Speed, innovation and end-to-end services are the important factors for our clients, who need to stay on top of new formats and devices to ensure that their content reaches the maximum audience possible.

FluMotion’s webM live stream can be demoed here.

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