Tech Savvy Florida Church Live Worship From Set-top Boxes

In this day and age of technology, far less people visit places of worship than ever. However, a Tech Savvy Florida Church is tackling the issue with the help of technology by providing Live Worshipping for devotees on devices such as , and .

Church Sign

The Northland Church has also been using the platform to allow users to worship from the comfort of their computers. And if that was not enough they have now launched a first-ever live church channel on the Roku set-top device.

According to the Northland Church, more than 4000 people worship each week with their Northland online service and around 2100 people have already installed Northland’s Roku channel.

So is this new way of worshipping going to help people avoid going to actual churches and pray from their homes instead? Well, it would definitely not be the same, but technology is supposed to make life easier and this one definitely makes it for those who are lazy to wake up on a Sunday morning to visit the Church.

What do you think about this? Would you rather pray online or visit your house of worship physically? Do you think that this is a right use of technology?

Roku which is a set-top box, allows you to instantly stream your favorite movies and TV shows from Netflix, Hulu Plus, Amazon and listen to music from sites like Pandora. The Roku set-top box is small in size and does not require any PC.

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