FlickrPress: Display Flickr Photos On Your WordPress Blog

WordPress bloggers often need to integrate Flickr photos with their blog. There are a number of ways to do that but if you want to go the simple way, FlickrPress is a great option. It is a simple WordPress plugin that can be installed on any blog having WordPress version 2.6 or higher. Using FlickrPress you can display Flickr photos on your Sidebar, Footer and even your posts and pages.

Within the settings of the plugin, you can specify if you want to display photos from a specific RSS feed, a specific user, a photoset, photos filtered by tag or random photos. The thumbnails can be either large, proportional or square. It is a multi-widget which means the widget can be embedded more than once in your blog. You can even embed it more than once in the same post or page. The plugin uses the secure Flickr API and reduces server load by caching the data locally.



It supports the Lightbox feature and is based on the phpFlickr library. The plugin also allows you to add custom styling while displaying photos on your blog and specify the number of thumbnails you want to display at a time. The plugin can be downloaded here.

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