First Glimpse of the Apple iPad | Apple iPad Picture Gallery

Apple has finally revealed the device, the rumors for which were doing the rounds for months now.

As predicted by a surprisingly large number of people, Apple’s latest creation is called “iPad”.

The iPad is a tablet PC device which Apple claims to be between a Laptop and the newer Netbooks. You can find more information on it’s technical specifications, etc. on our live blog post.

Following are the first glimpses of Apple’s iPad as it was showcased in Steve Jobs’ keynote, live from Yerba Buena Center of Performing Arts in San Fransisco.

iPad’s Home Screen is similar to the iPhone’s , very simplistic displaying the internal Apps like iPod, Mail, Notes, etc.

The iPad has a giant onscreen soft   keyboard, which is roughly the size of a Laptop keyboard. One can type on this using fingers other than thumbs.

An Email App with a two-pane window is a refreshing and welcome change from the native Mail App on the iPhone.

Internal Apps like Calendar , Contacts and Gallery have got a major facelift making them look more sleek.

Apple plans to have more journalism-based applications like TIME magazine and newspapers like New York Times with cool features like inline Videos.

Apple claims full support for native App store apps like Facebook and wants developers to leverage the new hardware to develop 3D Games.

Apple plans to give the likes of Kindle a run for their money with it’s e-book reader App with a sexy looking Bookshelf to store downloaded books.

As usual Steve Jobs has delivered a world-class product with all the sleekness and panache that is expected   from an Apple product.

What do you think of the iPad’s looks ? Is it as attractive as the iPhone was when it was released or is this just a fancy toy for the Apple fanboys ?

Note : Images courtesy of Gizmodo and GDGT.