Firefox Downloads are 2.5 Times Greater than Google Chrome

A Mozilla Firefox employee, Asa Dotzler, in his blog,   has estimated from the recent download stats of both Google Chrome and Firefox that, for every one new user of Google Chrome there will be 2.5 new users of Firefox. He has also created a graph in which you can see the download rates of both the browsers. Here is the graph:


It is difficult to say which is good. Firefox has been ruling the browser industry for a long time, while the new baby, Google Chrome has also made a tremendous growth in a short span of time.

However, I personally feel that, one factor for the exponential growth of the Chrome browser is advertising. Google has been advertising its browser everywhere. Starting from its homepage, Chrome ads are on, almost every page of Youtube. They also have promoted it offline by creating banners all over Europe.

Apart from other factors like speed, lightweight etc, another important factor is the Extensions gallery of Google Chrome. Many people, in the beginning, hesitated to move to Chrome because of the lack of extensions in Google Chrome. Now that the gallery is full of useful extensions, this certainly is a huge factor that is influencing on the growth of the browser.

Nevertheless, I prefer Firefox always. What do you use? Google Chrome, Firefox or any other browser? Please share your comments on this.

15 thoughts on “Firefox Downloads are 2.5 Times Greater than Google Chrome”

  1. google chrome > firefox ofcourse..

    fast and the extensions are well made..

    firefox is sloooww, especially at start..

  2. I've been using Firefox since long but now switched to Chrome because of following reasons,

    – All useful extensions are available in it.

    – It is quite faster than any other browser.

    – It consumes less space on monitor.

    – It is my favourite Google's product.

    – Very sleek and efficient.

    – More stable and effective in browsing.

    Firefox is also not a bad option. Firefox changed whole concept of browsing by innovating lot of features. Only it is bit slower than Chrome.

  3. "A Mozilla Firefox employee, Asa Dotzler, in his blog, has estimated from the recent download stats of both Google Chrome and Firefox that, for every one new user of Google Chrome there will be 2.5 new users of Firefox.'

    I hardly think that an employee's opinion has much, if any, value.

    Oh, furthermore, my question is: "So what?" Why should I care which has more users? I use a couple of browsers that satisfy my needs and see no reason to go through one more learning curve.

    Remember that opinions are like a certain anatomical part. We all have one.

    1. Yes, that's true. I agree everyone has their own opinions. This post is purely diplomatic. It doesn't recommend anyone to use either Firefox or Chrome.

      These are just some stats of the current popularity of the browsers.

  4. If you would have asked me a year ago if I would ever use Chrome, I would have said "No way". However, I just recently purchased a brand new laptop and proceeded to download Firefox. After waiting for 5 minutes for FF to load, I decided to give Chrome a try.

    I found equivalent addons for the ones I was using in Firefox and I haven't looked back. To this day when I have to use Firefox at home I just dread the idea, it's just way too slow and it freezes up way too often.

    I still use FF at work because that's what I've downloaded to replace IE6, but I don't do a lot of heavy surfing or running of applications at work, so it doesn't bother me as much.


    1. Thanks for commenting! Who wants to use IE 6? Obvious that you are using Firefox at your work.

      And yes, Chrome's extensions are influencing greatly upon the increase in its user base.

  5. I have been using both for quite a while. I like Chrome's speed, but it seems kind of clunky. I have gotten so used to using only my keyboard in Firefox, I seldom use a mouse, but in Chrome it's not nearly as easy.

  6. Google Chrome is the best browser at the moment. Chrome has a clear and simple interface, speedy and stable. I'd used Firefox for a long time, but it seems to be getting slower and slower everyday, Firefox always takes too much time to respond user's demands. I hope Firefox 4 will has many changes and improved features.

    1. Hmm, everyone has their own opinions. I respect yours. Yes, the whole online world is expecting Firefox 4 to be good and speedier than the current one.

      Let's wait and watch! :)

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