Find out More About Stuff You Love with Google’s WDYL

These days Google seems to be interested in gaining a foothold in pretty much anything and everything. The end result is that Google now has a bewilderingly diverse set of products and services. Not all of them are popular. In fact, most of them are relatively unknown, and every now and then, Google is forced to retire some of its less popular offerings.

TechCrunch has uncovered another new service from Google, which is nothing but a mashup of different Google products. WDYL, or What Do You Love, is a new search engine which presents a diverse set of information about any topic that you are interested in.


Key in any topic, and WDYL will present you pictures (Picasa), videos (YouTube), news (Google News), books (Google Books), discussions (Google Groups), patents (Google Patent Search), trends (Google Trends), and more about that topic. As mentioned earlier, WDYL works better for topics and popular/vague queries. However, to be honest, WDYL doesn’t work very well for anything. It’s just a mashup of multiple Google APIs that lacks any semblance of intelligence. Disappointingly, Google WDYL doesn’t try to understand what you are searching for. It simply runs every query you enter through the different services and throws up the result without taking into consideration the context. In fact, sometimes the results are so bad that they are downright humorous. Here are some of my SFW picks.

  • Buy all kinds of Vulgar stuff(query: Vulgar)
  • Scour the earth for Intelligence(query: Intelligence)
  • Access Vulgar stuff on the web, faster with Chrome(query: Vulgar)

WDYL is a glorified advertisement of different Google services. In fact, it doesn’t seem to be an official Google Project. It is probably something a Googler whipped up in a day during his allotted 20% time, and Google allowed it to be publicly released as the concept behind WDYL is appealing and promising. Unfortunately, the execution is anything but. Go ahead and play with it. However, you are going to get bored pretty soon.

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