Google Launches A Person Finder Website For Japanese Earthquake And Tsunami Victims

Earlier this morning, a devastating earthquake hit Japan causing a huge loss of life, property and human resources. The largest earthquake in Japan’s history was followed by a 23 foot gigantic Tsunami which wiped out homes, cars, buildings and every other form of matter near the north eastern coast of Japan.

In this alarmic situation, Google is trying to help. And here is how you can do your bit.

Google has launched a crisis response page where you can get important   information, phone numbers and additional resources related to the 2011 Japanese Earthquake and Tsunami, along with real time news updates. The crisis response page also helps you track the latest news of Japanese earthquakes, find useful maps, train information, blackout information and other web resources related to the 2011 Japanese earthquake and Tsunami disasters.

In addition to the crisis response page, Google has also unveiled a person finder app at japan.person-finder.appspot.comwhich lets you submit information about lost individuals or check whether anyone has any information about someone who was lost after the 2011 earthquake on Japan.


Using the person finder app is fairly simple, you’ve two choices either search for a person or submit information about someone you know. The site has more than 7200 records as of the time of writing this article, so if you are concerned about friends, family members, neighbors or colleagues, head over to the person finder app and submit information if you have any.

I tested the website with some demo names and the results were impressive. To search for a lost or missing person, I typed the name of the person and the site returned a few results from it’s records as shown below


Clicking the names from the results will show more information about the lost person (if available). This may include current location, home address, age   and other details posted by the person who submitted information about the lost individual in Google’s person finder website for Japan. Here is how the final result page looks like


The person finder app is not new, we have earlier seen how Google reacted to the Chile Earthquakes on February 2010. While most of Japan’s communication and broadcasting system is under darkness, the internet is one of the only resources to submit or retrieve information about lost individuals, friends and family members who have been affected due to the massive earthquake and Tsunami disasters.

We request our readers to spread the word about Google’s person finder app for Japan on their social profiles, Twitter account, Facebook account and so on. Someone might have some information which he/she can add to the Google’s person finder website which might be of great help to someone in Japan or elsewhere on the planet.

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