FIFA World Cup Fires up an Internet Overdrive, Gives the Internet its New ‘Busiest Day’

The FIFA world cup started yesterday and has kept people all over the world glued to their television for live action. Though this time, this football love is not just limited to the television set.

Though, this football love is not limited to the world of television only. It has affected the Internet largely and has reported a day with the highest bandwidth usage on the Akamai network. This is the largest usage since the inauguration of Barrack Obama which was viewed by a large number of people online.

The Akamai network reports an 11 million visitor requests per minute and a total increase of around 230% in traffic. Akamai is the world’s largest CDN and this data comes straight from the millions of users it serves. Other notable CDNs include the Google CDN which has served a considerable amount of videos as well.

This increase in viewers has been triggered by two events. First is the improvement of Internet bandwidths and connections and second is the availability of HD live streaming videos.  The availability of HD videos has attracted a huge number of viewers who otherwise preferred the good old television earlier. With this success rate, there is an array of events to watch out for in near future.

In the meanwhile, you can all the info to watch the world cup online at this post.


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