FIFA 2010 World Cup Google Easter Egg

The highly anticipated FIFA 2010 World Cup will start on June 11th, and I bet there will be millions of people around the world who will tune into the biggest football event in the world.

Google FIFA World Cup 2010 Queries

Guess who else is gearing up for the event? Google. If you use Google to search for any football related news or scores, Google displays all the group information and match timings, and possibly scores once the tournament kicks off.

Google FIFA 2010 Easter Egg

However, in addition to that, if you scroll down to go through the next page, you will see a Google Easter Egg. Instead of the regular Gooooogle image, you will see a Goooooal image as shown in the image below.

Try this out, it works for any football related queries. Oh and by the way, don’t forget to check out a cool way to track FIFA 2010 World Cup with a Excel Template or watch the FIFA 2010 World Cup online.

h/t: Arpit

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