Feedly adds Google Search Integration [Firefox Only]
By on July 31st, 2008

Feedly a popular Firefox extension for Google Reader has added a nice little feature, where you can see items from your feed subscriptions matching the search terms you used with Google.

This adds to the tons of great features, we have already talked about earlier. This feature can be quite useful when you are searching for news resources or solutions to solve a problem.

The search results show up on the top of the Google Search results once the page is loaded, check out the image below to see how Feedly integrates with Google Search.


This nifty enhancement will only work with Firefox, since Feedly is a Firefox extension.

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  • http://www.winningponies.com/ Saratoga Picks

    Wow thanks for the post! This functionality will be very useful.

  • http://edwink.devhd.com Edwin Khodabakchian

    Hi Keith: thanks for the post and the video:

    One quick note: feedly only integrates results if there is content matching the query published in the last 7 days by either one of your favorite sources or recommended by the people you follow or your friend of friends. These constraints reduce the probability of the overlay to happen but when it does the result should be better.

    It also means that people who have subscribe to more sources and follow more people have a higher chance to see the results (trying to find ways to reward people who invest time in following and sharing).

    As mentioned on he blog this is one of tree experiments we are doing around search “mash-ups” and we look forward to listening to what people think and how it could be evolved to add more value.

    Thank you!

    • Keith Dsouza

      Thanks for the heads up Edwin.

  • http://thoushallblog.com Blog Tips for Beginners

    WOW, this must have been one of the great discovery I have made today. The mash-up with Google search is just so awesome. Thanks for sharing it with us and I’m pretty excited to see how it works myself.


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