FBI Hits Back: Arrests LulzSec and Anonymous Members with the Help of Kingpin Sabu

After being repeatedly embarrassed and discomforted by Anonymous and its various offshoots, the feds have finally managed to land a telling blow on the notorious band of hackers. Fox News is reporting that Kayla (Ryan Ackroyd), Topiary (Jake Davis), pwnsauce (Darren Martyn), palladium (Donncha O’Cearrbhail), and Anarchaos (Jeremy Hammond) have been arrested in an intercontinental raid. The hackers were picked up from USA (Chicago), UK (London), and Ireland.

The arrests tell only part of the story. The real kicker is in the details. Apparently, the feds managed to track down Sabu, the kingpin of LulzSec and one of the leaders of Anonymous, in June, 2011. The man behind some of the most notorious attacks in the past 18 months turned out to be Hector Xavier Monsegur – an unemployed, 28-year-old father of two. Facing the charge of charge of aggravated identity theft, which carries a two year prison sentence, Sabu agreed to drop all his moral convictions and teamed up with the FBI. Turning him wasn’t easy, and ultimately it was the prospect of staying away from his kids that swayed him. Since then, Sabu has continued to work with the FBI, often from their offices, to help in collection of proof against his co-conspirators.

Although today’s news will send shockwaves through Anonymous, this wasn’t totally unexpected. Sabu had been doxed towards the end of last year itself, and several hackers believed that he was snitching. Here are excerpts from a prophetic interview given by Virus:

6:15:39 PM virus: he disappeared for a week, I don’t recall what day
6:15:52 PM virus: but when he returned he said his grand mother died and that’s why he was MIA
6:16:01 PM virus: after that he started offering me money to own people

6:19:19 PM virus: another reason why I believe he was converted after he disappeared and returned is everybody else started getting arrested one by one starting with ryan clearly, who was their ddos bitch
6:19:29 PM virus: yes, I believe he cut a deal to save himself

Back in November, Jester and others uncovered Sabu’s real name, email address, address, pictures and other personal details. Here are some of the stuff about Sabu that was already available on the internet:


Sabu’s grandmom with his and his dad’s pictures (source)

Even though, many members of the inner circle had already predicted today’s events, it still is a massive blow to Anonymous. Not only have they lost several of their most visible faces, but they have been betrayed by their de facto leader.

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