28% of Websites Use Google Analytics, 12% Have Adsense [Interesting Stats]

Data Geeks get ready for a treat. Thanks to CommonCrawl.org – a non-profit web crawler, Factual has managed to analyse approximately 4 million websites. Four million websites may be a small portion of the entire internet, but it is still a fairly large sample. As a result of this endeavour we have a fair amount of interesting (though mostly useless) stats in our hand. Some of them are:

  • 28% of websites use Google Analytics.
  • 12% of the sites have AdSense.
  • 5% of websites have either a Twitter link or a Facebook URL.
  • Only 2% of websites have both a Twitter and a Facebook URL.


Factual provides a platform where anyone can share and mash open data on any subject. Factual’s key product, the Factual Table, provides a unique way to view and work with structured data. The Factual Table used for calculating these stats is embedded below. Feel free to play with various filters, in case you really love tables.

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