FaceTime Coming To Mac, Windows Soon?

Apple’s FaceTime, which is available in and is rumored to be available on Mac OS X and Windows Soon. FaceTime which only works on a WiFi connection (workaround for FaceTime on 3G) uses Apple’s open source video chatting protocol.

FaceTime Video Chat

According to 9 to 5 Mac, FaceTime may soon be made available on iChat allowing Mac users to video chat with FaceTime enabled devices. Apple is also rumored to be working on an application for based PCs.

The rumors comes from Mac4ever who had also predicted the Magic Mouse and among other things. Keep your fingers crossed though.

5 thoughts on “FaceTime Coming To Mac, Windows Soon?”

  1. Wow. Mac4Ever definitely proved their worth with those predictions. I don’t see why anyone would doubt them now. Very impressive.

  2. apple should also enable facetime for window 99,vista, xp, and 7
    please apple we want also facetime for windows
    thankyou steve jobs

  3. I have a Mac and my girlfriend has a pc is it possible for her to get FaceTime as she lives 7 hours away and I would like to see her every day?

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