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Facebook for iPad

Holy smokes! It is about time more info regarding the Facebook for iPad app leaked. Today, TechCrunch has discovered Facebook’s iPad native app within the Facebook for iPhone app. In addition, TechCrunch has posted an extensive gallery of the leaked iPad app. Apparently, the latest update to the Facebook for iPhone app not only included bug fixes, but also included the code for the iPad app.

 @AeroEchelon first discovered that by changing the changing the UIDeviceFamilyfrom 1 to 2 in the  info.plist  of the iPhone app will enable you to use the Facebook for iPad app. He then posted the first screenshots of the app to Twitter. I think this suggests that the app will be universal.

TechCrunch’s MG Siegler has confirmed the app is real and found the app to be quite good even though its a non-public release version.  Siegler also noticed that much of the code is written in HTML5 and feels like a native app.

The app also makes great use of the pop-overs (overlay menus) found in other iPad apps. When you flip the iPad horizontally, the list of your online friends appears and you can chat with them as you do other things on Facebook. The photo-viewer aspect looks great — similar to the iPad’s own native Photos app. Places exists with a nice big map to show you all your friends around you. Etc.

Rumors have suggested that Facebook will be launching their iPad app shortly. Even though there’s been a huge demand for such an app, the company has not released an iPad version of their app.

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