Facebook Unveils New Marketing Tools for Pages

Facebook has rolled out additional marketing tools for Pages on its platform. It has added features like scheduled page posts, unpublished page posts, limited page admin permissions for apps etc., through which it aims to make managing Facebook Pages easier for companies and brands who have a social presence on the social network.

Scheduled Page Posts

Using this feature, users can now schedule posts on their brand pages. This could previously be done only with third party Facebook clients. Once a post has been scheduled, it can also be deleted or rescheduled.

Unpublished Page Posts

This is another useful feature which can be used to create posts which aren’t posted on the page timeline. It can be used to create posts which are targeted only at a segment of the audience, without exposing it to the entire fan base of the brand. This could be ideal to create sponsored page posts targeted at only certain segments of the brand’s fans on Facebook.

Page Admin Permissions

This is a very useful tool which can be used to assign limited permissions to third party tools which are used for content creation, moderation, engagement, analytics or advertising by brand pages on Facebook.

This could be very useful to brand pages which use multiple tools to manage their social presence and are concerned about security.

Facebook has also updated its Pages Graph API to include support for developers to build services and apps which can use these new features.

via Facebook Developers

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