Facebook To Offer Digital Movie Rentals

As if the competition for digital movie streaming service wasn’t fierce enough, Facebook is adding  itself  to the list of contenders to cater to your movie needs. The social giant today announced a partnership with Warner Bros that will allow the production house to offer digital movie rentals via Facebook to its 600 Million users.

The service starts with The Dark Knight which is being offered for $3 for a 48 hour rental. Or, you can get it for 30 Facebook credits, something which Facebook prefers as the medium of financial exchange on its network. More movies will be added soon along with the option to purchase them as opposed to simply renting them out. However, as always, the service is only available to users in the U.S. now. According to President of Warner Bros’ Digital Distribution :

Making our films available through Facebook is a natural extension of our digital distribution efforts.   It gives consumers a simple, convenient way to access and enjoy our films through the world’s largest social network

Whether this would give Netflix a serious competition remains up for debate, but the fact that it will give a hard time to new players like Amazon and YouTube for streaming full length movies is a definite thing. With already 600 Million users actively using the network, Facebook has no need to spend any money on marketing or give incentives to potential users like Netflix and Amazon have to do.

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