Facebook Served 176 Billion Ad Impressions In First Quarter

Irrespective of all the issues that continuously surround Facebook, it is growing beyond all expectation. The userbase is about to reach 500 Million and according to ComScore, Facebook served the largest number ad impressions to US based internet users in first quarter of this year. The 176 Billion impressions that Facebook served in the 3 month period represents 16.2% of the total ad impressions served to the US based internet users.

Facebook was followed by Yahoo! with 132 Billion impressions while Microsoft sites only managed to serve a meager 60 Billion impressions representing less than 6% of the total market share. The total number of impressions for Q1 in 2010 went up to 1.1 Trillion which is 15% more than the same quarter of previous year. This includes static and rich media ads but does not include video ads (no wonder YouTube didn’t make it to the list).

Over all, these impressions cost $2.7 Billion which brings the average CPM to $2.48. Out of the 1.1 Trillion impressions, around  2.4% or 26 Billion ads were of AT&T followed by Verizon, Scottrade and Experian Interactive. The 15% growth witnessed in the last quarter is a strong sign of recovery for online display ads market which slipped into a recession in late 2008. If the growth continues, the US market alone will amount up to 4.5 Trillion impressions for the full year of 2010.

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