Anything You Do on Your Facebook Page, You Can Do in Ads Too.

The intrusion of Facebook ads continues, the company will soon phase out classical ad formats and will replace them with new premium ads, according to leaked documents obtained by Gigaom. The official document clearly states that advertisers will soon be able to convert any published post on their Facebook page into an advertisement. These contextual and interest based ads, can then be targeted towards any Facebook user on earth, as I have predicted exactly one month back.

Here is how new premium ads on Facebook are designed to work.

Lets say John is friends with Harry and Bob and both of them have “Liked” your business page, which specializes in selling shoes and footwear items. Harry posts a status update about “shoes”, Bob comments on his status update and John likes his comment. This is nothing but a usual Facebook action but there is another catch to it. Facebook can (and they surely will) use this information to serve John relevant ads from your business page. There is a high chance that John  will end up seeing footwear advertisements of your business in his timeline, this is justified by his interests (Facebook friends) and actions (Likes/Comments). Sounds quite similar to Google Adsense, no?


Classical ads such as the photo likes, video likes or events will no longer be available after February 29th. The logic is straight forward, this is the age of interest based user activity and serving ads to non targeted audience is a waste of time. And waste of money too!

In other news, this is a going to be great for advertisers and marketers. When someone seeing your advertisement has friends who are fans of your Facebook page, Facebook will automatically add social context to your advertisement at no extra cost. Which means, you will be able to gather more data about prospects who are taking interest in your products but aren’t engaging yet. More data and insights equals more ground for experiments, which is good for business. Upgraded Premium ads can be targeted to anyone you want, ANYONE!

I just hope someone comes up with an extension or something to block inline ads in my Facebook news feed. I don’t mind ads in profile pages, photo albums but advertisements plastered in the news feed is truly suffocating.

The leaked document is embedded below.

Facebook Premium Ads Overview

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