Facebook Topples Yahoo, Now the Second Largest US Website

There is no doubt that is growing in users and popularity, however, they are now also busy toppling some of the biggest players in the industry. Quite recently a study suggested that Facebook now sends more traffic to top properties in US than Google does.

Facebook vs Yahoo, Jan 2010 Traffic

Now, a new update from Compete says that Facebook has toppled Yahoo as the 2nd larges website in the United States. According to the compete stats for January 2010, Facebook had around 134 million page views as compare to the 132 million by Yahoo.

Monthly Time Spent on Facebook, Yahoo and Google

In addition to that, Facebook has also been growing steadily in the amount of time users spend on the website. According to the data, 11.6% of all online time in US was spent on Facebook as compared to 4.25% for Yahoo and 4.1% for Google. However, these numbers are bound to be as shown as Facebook has more interaction among friends, and also has several time waster apps including Farmville which leads to a higher time spent on the site, as opposed to someone who might spend less than 10-15 seconds on a search engine like Google.

Nevertheless, it goes on to show how Facebook has changed the landscape and other big players have to haul up their asses and draw users back, anyone?

A recent study showed that users spent around 7 hours a month on Facebook. How much time do you spend on Facebook on a day to day basis?

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